Aligner Therapy 


The very first thing people notice about you; the first thing people base their lasting first impression on within seconds is your SMILE. In fact, your smile has more impact on the success of your personal and business relationships than any other part of your appearance! 

88% of people said they remember people with beautiful smiles

94% said the very first thing they notice is a persons smile

75% believe your smile can help or hurt your career and influences whether or not you land that dream job

It all makes sense, your teeth and smile are perceived by others as a direct reflection on how you feel about yourself, how you take care of yourself and how you handle yourself. In order to form a more positive and lasting impression, more and more people are turning to orthodontic aligner therapy to improve their smiles.


At Alabama Smile Design, Dr. O’Donnell has worked with many satisfied patients and they all have one thing in common: a straight, positive smile that inevitably boosts their confidence and self image.One of the primary concerns people have about dental braces is the aesthetic impact of the metalwork on their smile; especially for adults, the prospect of wearing braces for a long period of time can be very discouraging. Thanks to progress in digital orthodontics, aligners have established themselves as a true alternative to braces. Dr. O’Donnell is the only dentist in the area offering a state of the art solution to aligner manufacturing by 3D printing aligners easily and economically in the office.


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