Dental Implants


Dr. O’Donnell is a Fellow in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and has made implant dentistry a large focus in his practice. A missing tooth often presents the dentist’s biggest technical challenge. Dr. O’Donnell has you covered; he has been placing implants since 2007 and restoring them for over 16 years! You can rest assured that you are in excellent hands! He will create a treatment plan based on your specific needs and goals for your healthy smile. 

Your health and safety are paramount. Dr. O’Donnell uses methods that work to preserve healthy oral tissues, limit trauma to the underlying bone and accelerate overall recovery. 

When it comes to placing dental implants, you can expect a superior experience with Dr. O’Donnell. He is considered a leader in 3D planning and fully-guided implant surgery. Using advanced technology and a keen understanding of successful dental implants, he can replace your missing teeth using the most conservative and effective techniques possible. Rebuild your smile, self confidence and quality of life today!                              

What are my options for dental implants?


Depending upon how many teeth need to be replaced, the location of the missing teeth, and the jawbone density of the patient, Dr. O’Donnell may recommend one of several dental implant options during the consultation process. Your dental implant options might include:


A single tooth implant is comprised of one titanium post and a custom-made porcelain crown implant restoration. Each single tooth implant is designed to replace one tooth and closely mimics the structure and function of a natural tooth. Patients can brush, floss, and eat normally to maintain good dental hygiene. As an additional benefit, the implant restoration is color-matched to blend beautifully with the surrounding natural teeth.


Implant-secured dental bridges can replace several adjacent missing teeth with a single restoration. This alternative to a fixed or removable bridge offers superior stability and natural-looking aesthetics. Depending upon the number of missing teeth and the patient’s jawbone density, multiple teeth dental implants may be supported with two to six titanium posts.



Implant supported dentures, also referred to as anchored dentures, are designed to replace an entire row of teeth. These popular denture alternatives are securely held in place by strategically placed dental implants. Full arch dental implants can replace the upper and/or lower arches of teeth, depending on the patients needs. When both arches are replaced at the same time, the process is often referred to as a full mouth restoration.

Did You Know…That approximately 30 million people live with no natural teeth in one or both jaws? More and more patients are opting for dental implants as a means of tooth replacement. Three million people currently have dental implants and that number is rapidly growing by about 500,000 per year!


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