Dr. Brandon O’Donnell is honored to have earned his Fellowship in the AGD, the ICOI, and the Pierre Fauchard Academy. He is also humbled to be viewed as an authority in the field of dentistry and to be given the opportunities to teach and lecture on the benefits to patients and doctors on the daily use of CEREC, CBCT, 3D Printing and Dental Implants. The “future of dentistry truly is now”.

He firmly believes that when it comes to a patient’s smile, there should be zero shortcuts. Don’t just settle for the practice down the street that uses decades old technology and outdated equipment. He has invested in Alabama Smile Design to offer patients the most advanced,  state of the art technology the market has to offer. This technology provides many benefits to patients including more accurate diagnosis, less invasive treatments and overall better results. Along with Dr. O’Donnell’s skills, technology provides more convenience for a patient with less time taken off work and no time dealing with the hassle of trying to locate another office; everything can be done under one roof at Alabama Smile Design.. It instills a sense of calm knowing that a single doctor and team have been right there with you through all stages of your procedure.


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