Do you want an award winning smile? Then you need an award winning dentist! Look no further as Dr. O’Donnell’s credentials are impeccable!

We’ve seen thousands of patients over the years so we know what factors patients view as most important when choosing their dentist. From the office environment and quality equipment to the experienced team and doctor’s credentials… it all plays an important role in finding a dentist you can trust with your health. Dr. O’Donnell is that dentist along the Gulf Coast.

There are significant industry organizations, each having a rigorous process for evaluating dental professionals; selecting members that demonstrate a commitment to continuously advancing their education, attention to detail, and clinical excellence in the field.

 Dr. O’Donnell and his team regularly attend continuing education programs to learn the most up to date technologies and to stay abreast of industry best practices. Dr. O’Donnell is a CEREC trainer teaching others how to use the  amazing technology and do what he and his team do on a daily basis. Dr. O’Donnell is a speaker on dental implants, 3D printing and digital workflow. All of this contributes to the excellent care you will receive while at Alabama Smile Design. 





  • A Practice Based on Relationship Building
  • Top Rated & Top Reviewed with Multiple Awards & Continued Training
  • Able to Offer In House Procedures & Awesome Technology
  • Able to Provide Little to No Wait Time 
  • A Provider of Complete Health Dentistry





What’s the first thing you do when you are in search of a business? Do you research them online? Do you read online reviews? Reviews are a great way to get a look at what actual patients are saying. Dr. O’Donnell has hundreds of online reviews and all with stellar ratings! He is also extremely proud to be rated as one of the Top Cosmetic Dentists along the Gulf Coast! 


relationship building

Building long lasting relationships with patients is extremely important. We have many loyal patients that have been coming here for years. You can rest assured that with us, you are much more than “just a number” in a long line of patients.

Patients have time with Dr. O’Donnell and his team. He understands the importance of an active partnership with patients and forming solid, lasting relationships has always been, and always will be, a top priority. This makes him stand out and increases his ability to connect with patients…collaboration is key in effective treatment. Dr. O’Donnell truly cares about his patients, he is passionate about what he does and it shows!

Dr. O’Donnell is always available in emergency situations because he knows how important that aspect is to his patients. He doesn’t want any patient to be in pain. He offers unmatched accessibility and it definitely sets him apart and makes his practice unique.     

in-house procedures & Awesome technology

Dr. O’Donnell firmly believes that when it comes to a patient’s smile, there should be zero shortcuts. Don’t just settle for the practice down the street that uses decades old technology and outdated equipment. Dr. O’Donnell has invested in his practice to offer patients the most advanced,  state of the art technology  the market has to offer. This technology provides many benefits to patients including more accurate diagnosis, less invasive treatments and overall better results. 

Dr. O’Donnell has the ability to manage multiple procedures in-house. He realizes that patients want reassurance that the person working on their mouth has extensive experience with the procedure at hand. Rest assured, Dr. O’Donnell has diverse skills, which makes him highly qualified to handle nearly all of your dental needs with all the services in one location. This translates to more convenience for you with less time taken off work and no time dealing with the hassle of trying to locate another office. It instills a sense of calm knowing that one doctor has been right there with you through all stages of your procedure.

little to no wait time

We know your time is valuable. Dr. O’Donnell is proud to say that the majority of the time, he sees a patient within a few minutes of their arrival. No more waiting for up to an hour or more just to be called back. When you have an appointment, that time has been reserved for you and we make every effort to stay on track. Multiple compliments come in from happy patients on the timely manner in which they are seen as well as the time they have to spend with Dr. O’Donnell so all questions are answered and everyone is on the same page. 


It’s Much More than “Just Teeth”

Dr. O’Donnell takes a comprehensive approach to dental care where he builds a healthy body from the foundation of a healthy mouth. Patients hear him say it all the time, but the mouth is the hub to the health of the rest of the body; the gateway for illness, affecting the wellness of the body. Bacteria in your mouth has been shown to play a role in many serious health conditions, including heart disease, Alzheimer’s, stroke and diabetes.

Statistics show that 4 out of 5 people have gum disease! Healthy gums lower our chances of developing diabetes, pancreatic cancer, kidney cancer while gum therapy helps improve blood vessel health and helps prevent heart attack and stroke. The same plaque that builds up on your teeth can build up in your arteries and heart. Practicing complete health dentistry allows Dr. O’Donnell to spot warning signs and even diagnose dangerous health conditions while you are in the dental chair. A few he can spot are:

  • Heart conditions – Tell tale signs of gum disease such as inflamed gums and loose or missing teeth can also be a warning sign of heart disease.
  • Diabetes – Patients suffering from gum disease, bleeding gums, loose teeth and severe enamel erosion could be displaying key symptoms of diabetes. Excessive consumption of sweet, sugary and acidic food and drink has a detrimental impact on a person’s teeth, as well as the rest of the body. When we see a patient suffering from some or all of these conditions, alarm bells start to ring.
  • Stress and Anxiety – Bruxism is often an unwanted by-product of stress and anxiety and if it happens continually over a prolonged period of time, it can cause the enamel to wear down on teeth leading to increased sensitivity, infection and sometimes even tooth loss.
  • Eating disorders – Eating disorders, and specifically bulimia, are issues that patients often desperately try to hide from others, yet we can be some of the first to spot the signs.
  • Anemia – Anemia is a condition where the body doesn’t produce enough red blood cells to circulate through the body, leading to excessive tiredness, a weakened immune system and shortness of breath. If the lining of a patient’s mouth is very pale or a light shade of pink, as opposed to a darker fleshier color, it could be a warning sign of anemia.

Remember, Dr. O’Donnell deals with much more than “just teeth” and if you think about it, you see him more often than you do any other physician if you are generally healthy and coming in twice a year. 



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