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In today’s world, 3D technology is taking the dental world by storm and Dr. O’Donnell is on board! He is the only dentist along the Gulf Coast to be using 3D printing in his office at Alabama Smile Design. He understands the importance of remaining technologically current; in this case, a little ahead of the game. Using the most advanced technology available is just as important as staying up to date on the latest treatment techniques.

Our patients appreciate the thought and effort that goes into our selection of new dental technologies and they realize the benefits by having more thorough yet less invasive treatments that produce better results! Combining state-of-the-art technology with Dr. O’Donnell’s skill, he is able to offer precise diagnosis and treatment. 


By using innovative technology in CBCT, powerful planning software, and an in-office 3D printer, Dr. O’Donnell can create ultra precise guides for more efficient, predictable, and ultimately successful dental implants. Patient comfort is always a top priority.

If you are longing for a straighter smile, you will benefit from 3D printing in aligner therapy. All models and aligners for each stage of treatment are printed in office. Pre-3D printer technology includes having the patient bite down on gooey, uncomfortable impression material so it could harden into a mold, which becomes the initial model for designing a treatment for braces or aligner therapy. This is not so with 3D printing. Dr. O’Donnell can use CEREC technology to scan teeth, design an orthodontic appliance and print the end result in-house. 

Digital workflow is streamlined and convenient for patients. The key benefits of this technology is the true personalization of the models to each individual patient, and the ability to create these in-house. This propels Dr. O’Donnell’s ability to render top notch patient care to the next level.


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